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When Is The Main Building Contract Incorporated By Reference Into The Subcontract?

Most standard form building contracts provide for the incorporation of the main contract into the subcontract.  For instance, GC 3.7.1 of the CCDC 2 Stipulated Price Contract requires the contractor to incorporate the terms of that contract into all agreements with subcontractors and suppliers.  But what effect does an Incorporation by Reference clause in the […]

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Can You Change Horses When Appealing From An Arbitration Decision?

Arbitration and court proceedings may be different, but can a party substantially change its position when it appeals from an arbitration award to the court?  At the very least, it seems like questionable strategy to do so.  The British Columbia Court of Appeal held that the appellant could not do so in VIH Aviation Group […]

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Decision Holding That Demolition Is Not An Improvement Is Reversed

In my article dated December 11, 2011, I reported on a decision of the British Columbia Supreme Court holding that demolition is not an “improvement” for the purposes of the B.C. Builders Lien Act (the Act).  That decision has since been reversed by the B.C. Court of Appeal.  It was not reversed on the merits, […]

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Conduct After An Arbitration Award May Nullify That Award

A party to a contract may terminate the contract and then start an arbitration to confirm the validity of the termination.  If the arbitral tribunal grants such a declaration, then that party better watch out that it doesn’t continue to treat the contract as still continuing.  If it does, it may waive the termination, and […]

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What Mortgage Payments Are “Advances” That Have Priority Over Lien Claims?

A recurring issue for construction and builders liens is whether the liens have priority over mortgage advances.  One question which does not often arise is:  what sort of payments by a mortgagee do constitute “advances” under a mortgage?  In other words, what sort of payments by a mortgagee can even qualify for priority over lien […]

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Can Money Paid Into Court Be Used To Discharge Other Liens?

When a contractor pays money into court to discharge a lien of a sub-contractor, can that money only be used to discharge that lien holder’s claim?  Or is it available to pay the liens of all eventual lien holders?  In Canadian Western Bank v. 702348 Alberta Ltd., the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench recently decided […]

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Tercon Contractors? The Latest Chapter

The 2010 decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Tercon Contractors Ltd v. British Columbia (Transportation and Highways) is one of the most important recent Canadian decisions relating to contract law.  It has particular importance to building contracts.  Those interested in construction law are watching to see how Tercon will be applied in subsequent […]

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An Insurance Clause Does Not Necessarily Bar A Claim By The Owner

When does an insurance clause in a construction contract bar a claim by the owner against the contractor?  Is it barred if the contract requires that the contractor obtain insurance and that the owner is to be named as an additional insured and that subrogation is waived against the owner?  That was the issue in […]

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Playing Offence, Not Defence, In International Arbitrations

What is the best way to protect the authority of international commercial arbitrations?  Is a party obliged to “play defence” and not ask the courts of the seat of the arbitration to interfere until after arbitration proceedings are commenced?  Or can a party “play offense” and ask those courts to take jurisdiction before any arbitration […]

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