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Remember Rainy Sky: The Commercially Sensible Interpretation Prevails

Every once in a while, an important decision comes along which should be put in your hip pocket so that it can be pulled out when needed.  Rainy Sky S.A. v. Kookmin Bank is such a decision.  In this decision, the U.K. Supreme Court (formerly the House of Lords) recently held that if there is […]

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Building Contracts – Tenders – Bonds

Building Contracts – Tenders – Bonds  Today we will examine a recent decision of the Court of Appeal of Ontario which dealt with Tenders for construction contracts. In Bois A. Lachance Lumber Limited v. Conseil Scolaire Catholique de District des Grandes Rivieres, the tender documents required the bidders to obtain performance bonds “upon acceptance” of […]

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Intervention by Bonding Company

Bonds – Construction lien action – Intervention by bonding company: A bonding company which has issued a Form 15.1 bond in lieu of the land and premises under s. 44 of the Ontario Construction Lien Act has no inherent right to intervene in the lien action. It will only be granted leave to intervene in […]

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