Thomas G. Heintzman, O.C., Q.C., FCIArb

Incorporation By Reference In Building Contracts

Incorporation by reference in building contracts By Thomas G. Heintzman and Julie Parla1 A common clause in a building contract is one which incorporates the terms of another contract or document into the building contract in issue. The effect of such a clause is referred to as “Incorporation by Reference”. These clauses are common in […]

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An Insurance Clause Does Not Necessarily Bar A Claim By The Owner

When does an insurance clause in a construction contract bar a claim by the owner against the contractor?  Is it barred if the contract requires that the contractor obtain insurance and that the owner is to be named as an additional insured and that subrogation is waived against the owner?  That was the issue in […]

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Construction Law – Consultants: Beware of Overstepping your Authority

Courts do not often examine the authority of a Consultant on a construction project and the liability consequences if the Consultant oversteps its authority.  That issue was recently dealt with by the Queen’s Bench of Alberta in Online Constructors Ltd. v. Speers Construction Inc.  A golf club hired a contractor, Speers, to repair a dam […]

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