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When The Contractor Plays Hard-Ball What Does A Sub-Contractor Do; Peter Kiewit Redux?

An age-old problem arising from a tender on a construction project is:   what does a sub-contractor do when it is the successful bidder but believes that the work is different than shown in the tender documents and the contractor says:  Those are the conditions: Take ‘em or leave ‘em.   But if you back out of […]

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Can A Condition In An Invitation To Tender Be Illegal?

Construction Law – Tenders – Illegality Can a condition in an invitation to tender a construction contract be illegal?  This is a question upon which construction law is largely silent.  But the Court of Appeal of Quebec has held that a condition of tender may be unlawful. This is not a recent decision, but it […]

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Is A Site Visit A Material Condition To A Tender?

Construction Law – Tenders – Site Visit – Materiality An invitation to tender may contain many conditions, some of which are more or less material to the ultimate submitted tender.  Is a requirement that the contractor attend a site visit a material condition of the tender?  In Admiral Roofing v. School District 57 (Board of […]

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Tenders in Construction Projects – Which Limitation Period Applies?

What is the limitation period for the commencement of an action arising from a tender in a construction project? If the owner is a municipality or other public body, does a limitation period in its incorporating legislation apply to the tender?  These were the questions recently faced by the Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal […]

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Construction Law – Consultants: Beware of Overstepping your Authority

Courts do not often examine the authority of a Consultant on a construction project and the liability consequences if the Consultant oversteps its authority.  That issue was recently dealt with by the Queen’s Bench of Alberta in Online Constructors Ltd. v. Speers Construction Inc.  A golf club hired a contractor, Speers, to repair a dam […]

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Building Contracts – Tenders – Bonds

Building Contracts – Tenders – Bonds  Today we will examine a recent decision of the Court of Appeal of Ontario which dealt with Tenders for construction contracts. In Bois A. Lachance Lumber Limited v. Conseil Scolaire Catholique de District des Grandes Rivieres, the tender documents required the bidders to obtain performance bonds “upon acceptance” of […]

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